1 verb
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skid1 past tense and past participle skidded, present participle skidding [intransitive]
TT if a vehicle or a wheel on a vehicle skids, it suddenly slides sideways and you cannot control it:
The car skidded as she turned onto the highway.
skid on/into/across etc
The bus skidded off the road and into a ditch.
see usage note slide1WORD CHOICE: WORD CHOICE:

slide, slip, skid
Slide means to move smoothly across a surface. You can talk about people, objects, or liquids sliding This floor's great for sliding on. The door slid open (NOT slided open). A tear slid down her cheek.Slip means to accidentally slide a small distance, and usually then fall down She slipped and hurt her wrist. It's icy - mind you don't slip.Skid means to move across a smooth surface in an uncontrolled way. You usually use it to talk about vehicles Cars skidded on the snow. Jason skidded around the corner on his bike.See also slide

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