Date: 1600-1700
Origin: Perhaps from a Scandinavian language


2 noun
Related topics: Transport
skid2 [countable]

sliding movement

a sudden sliding movement of a vehicle that you cannot control:
Turn the car towards the skid if you lose control of it.
He slammed on the brakes and we went into a long skid (=started to skid).

on the skids

informal in a situation that is bad and getting worse:
He's been on the skids since losing his job.

put the skids under something

British English informal to make it likely or certain that something will fail:
The recession put the skids under his plans for starting a new business.


[usually singular] American English a period of time during which a person or team is not successful - used in news reports:
The Red Sox victory ended a six-game skid.


TTA a flat narrow part that is under some aircraft such as helicopters, and is used in addition to wheels for landing

used to lift/move

[usually plural]TT a piece of wood that is put under a heavy object to lift or move it

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