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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskiesskies /skaɪz/  x-refthe plural of sky
Examples from the Corpus
skiesBlasted, totalled, broken-winded, shot-faced London, doing time under sodden skies.Both have a kind of totemic power in these skies and know and respect each other.Endlessly clear skies and lowering water tables.The skies are full, too.The Air Force intends the F-22 stealth fighter to be the grimmest perdition to darken the skies since mythological times.Helped by salt and sunny skies, snow will also melt slowly even if the thermometer stays below freezing.The birds call constantly in haunting high cries that make you scan the skies while they are still far away.
skiesskies[plural]WEATHER a word meaning ‘sky’, used especially when describing the weather or what the sky looks like in a place a land of blue skies and warm sunshine The skies were overcast, and it was chilly and damp. sky
Examples from the Corpus
skiesa land of blue skies and warm sunshine
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