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skinheadskin‧head /ˈskɪnhed/ noun [countable]  SSYa young white person who has hair that is cut very short, especially one who behaves violently towards people of other races
Examples from the Corpus
skinheadYou can't even pick up every quiet guy who dresses like a skinhead and lives with blondie.Just watch the way a skinhead moves.Looking in through the open door of one, I saw a fat, drunk skinhead in a wheelchair.On Nov. 29 a 19-year-old skinhead was arrested under suspicion of arson in connection with the Mölln attack.The people in your article aren't skinheads but thugs.The mods' fanatical eye for detail became an important element in the skinhead style.Basically, they were forerunners of the skinhead attitudes which re-emerged in the mid-seventies.The skinhead revival is too recent to present anything but a confused picture to the observer.
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