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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskinnyskin‧ny /ˈskɪni/ ●○○ adjective (comparative skinnier, superlative skinniest)  1 THIN PERSONvery thin, especially in a way that is unattractive Some supermodels are far too skinny.see thesaurus at thin2 skinny trousers fit tightly all the way down the legs skinny jeans3 made with skimmed milk (=milk with all the fat and cream removed from it) a skinny latte
Examples from the Corpus
skinnyEven in a bulky warm-up suit, sitting hunched over the handlebars, she looks skinny.Think skinny asparagus spears with broccoli tops.He had startlingly blue eyes and dark tumbling curls over his forehead; a narrow face; a skinny body.a skinny kid with glassesskinny little kidsI would be a skinny person.Jacob placed his arm around her skinny shoulders.They strain every muscle as they pedal; their bodies glisten with sweat; all are skinny, some wasted.By the time I'd recovered I was skinnier than ever, having been rationed to an orange a day.They knew Amelia was too skinny to avoid the gas chamber.I was really skinny when I was a teenager.
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