skin‧ny S3 comparative skinnier, superlative skinniest
1 very thin, especially in a way that is unattractive:
Some supermodels are far too skinny.
2 made with skimmed milk (=milk with all the fat and cream removed from it):
a skinny latte
see usage note thin1WORD CHOICE: WORD CHOICE:

thin, slim, skinny, slender, lean, slight
Thin is a general word meaning that someone has little fat on their body. It is usually, but not always, disapproving He's much too thin. Teenage girls all seem to want to be thin.Slim means thin in an attractive way her lovely slim figureSkinny is a fairly informal word meaning very thin, which is usually disapproving ridiculously skinny modelsSlender, lean, and slight are used mostly in written English.Slender means thin in an attractive and graceful way long slender legsLean means thin and looking strong and fit a tall, lean athleteSlight means thin and delicate-looking Her brother was very slight and looked younger than he was.See also thin

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