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skitskit /skɪt/ noun [countable]  AFUNNYa short humorous performance or piece of writing syn sketch
Examples from the Corpus
skitEach year four salesmen who sold bonds to Texas thrifts performed a skit before the Salomon training class.Then they run through role-playing and skits, taught by respected older teenagers, to learn the art of refusal.It featured a series of comedy skits and a half-dozen songs, all loosely recounting the colonial experience.In the first skit, a second-rate star is organizing a Wild West charity benefit.Tarses said Thursday that producers have expressed enthusiasm about including skits in all prime-time shows on the subject during the month.On weekends, before the popular Cowboy Dinner Theatre shows, there are street skits and gunfights.At least these skits had grown in sophistication since my adolescence.He also wrote skits, burlesques, and film scenarios, and was an inspired anthologist.
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