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skylarksky‧lark /ˈskaɪlɑːk $ -lɑːrk/ noun [countable]  HBBa small bird that sings while flying high in the sky syn lark
Examples from the Corpus
skylarkIt may give awareness of traffic and slamming doors but certainly will not respond to a skylark.Meadow pipits flitted across the grass and skylarks chirruped.There were blackbirds and thrushes and skylarks and ravens and starlings and jays and magpies and many kinds of small finches.There are skylarks and foxes and an owl sits in the apple tree staring at us by the fire in winter.Riven even heard skylarks sporting over the open meadows.Merlins will also hunt together, three or four of them chasing the same group of skylarks.The silence is tentatively broken by the skylarks but they soon give up.Ubiquitous skylarks sang madly in the blue above.
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