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slabslab /slæb/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TBCa thick flat piece of a hard material such as stone a concrete slab paving slabsslab of They used a slab of concrete as a lid.see thesaurus at piece2 slab of cake/chocolate/meat etc3 on the slab
Examples from the Corpus
slabSlabs of concrete had been used to build a pathway for people to walk on.Then and only then it was that the vast seamless blocks and slabs of the buried city came back to light.Since that moment, the black slab had done nothing.The wall was topped with rolls of barbed wire and jagged ends of glass stuck into the eight-foot concrete slabs.New concrete slabs have been laid in the back yard.The butcher's counter was covered in huge slabs of red meat and the air smelled of blood.His grave is covered by a huge marble slab.He was able to go directly to the railroad supervisor and convince him to change the pace of slab deliveries.The superintendent in the steel company needed power to get a more efficient delivery schedule of slabs.The palette knife marks, the smooth slabs of even colour neutralise any notions of the personal autograph.The floor was a mixture of stone slabs and floorboards.Beneath the slabs was the first indication of how thorough the builder of the pond mark one had been.
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