2 noun

take up/pick up the slack

a) to make a system or organization as efficient as possible by making sure that money, space, or people are fully used:
Without another contract to help pick up the slack, employees may face job losses.
b) to do something that needs to be done because someone else is no longer doing it
c) to make a rope tighter
2 [uncountable] part of a rope that is not stretched tight
3 [uncountable] money, space, people, or time that an organization or person has available, but is not using fully:
There is still some slack in the budget.

cut/give somebody some slack

spoken to allow someone to do something without criticizing them or making it more difficult:
Hey, cut me some slack, man, I'm only a few bucks short.


[plural] trousers:
dress slacks (=for more formal occasions)
6 [uncountable] British English very small pieces of coal

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