1 verb
slap1 S2 past tense and past participle slapped, present participle slapping
1 [transitive] to hit someone with the flat part of your hand [↪ punch]:
Sarah slapped Aaron across the face.
2 [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to put something down on a surface with force, especially when you are angry:
Giles slapped his cards down on the table.

slap somebody on the back

to hit someone on the back in a friendly way, often as a way of praising them
4 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to hit a surface with a lot of force, making a loud sharp sound
slap against
Small waves slapped against the side of the boat.

slap somebody down

phrasal verb
to rudely tell someone that their suggestions, questions, ideas etc are stupid

slap something ↔ on

phrasal verb
1 to put or spread something quickly or carelessly onto a surface:
She ran upstairs and slapped on some make-up.
slap something on something
We could slap some paint on it.
2 to suddenly announce a new charge, tax etc or say that something is not allowed - used especially when you think this is unfair:
Many tour operators slap on supplements for single people.
slap something on something
In 1977, the president slapped a ban on the commercial reprocessing of nuclear fuel.
with your fist: punch, thump, bash

with your open hand as a punishment: smack, spank, slap

with a hammer: bang, hammer

in order to get attention: bang, knock, tap, hammer

accidentally: bump into, crash into, strike, bang, knock, collide (with)

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