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slaughterhouseslaugh‧ter‧house /ˈslɔːtəhaʊs $ ˈslɒːtər-/ noun [countable]  TAa building where animals such as cows or pigs are killed for their meat syn abattoir
Examples from the Corpus
slaughterhouseMr Gummer unveiled a series of measures to cut costs at slaughterhouses.Cattle farmers, slaughterhouses, butchers and restaurants braced for a sharp downturn in sales.The inspection of slaughterhouses which was one of his duties converted him permanently to vegetarianism.A third measure will allow small slaughterhouses to use larger slaughterhouses to provide their veterinary supervision.That's the Barometer for you: never more dangerous than when in the portals of the slaughterhouse.The headman issued vouchers, and the animals were brought back to the slaughterhouse with their papers in order.Now the pampered critters are off to the slaughterhouse.
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