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slave labour

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslave labourˌslave ˈlabour British English, slave labor American English noun [uncountable]  1 WORK/DO WORKwork done by slaves, or the people who do this work2 informalPAY FOR work for which you are paid an unfairly small amount of money
Examples from the Corpus
slave labourThis was only one of the disadvantages of a slave labour force.An end to child abuse and slave labour?The canals linking the city to St Petersburg in the south were built by slave labour in Stalin's days.The industry is desperate to shake off the allegation that the chocolate sold in the West may be tainted by slave labour.It also mentioned the increasingly documented use of slave labour and the routine torture of prisoners and detainees.Boat people, refugee camps, people-smugglers, slave labour and much of the world's poverty are the result.With slave labour they were cheaper to build than it was to provide the necessary lead or bronze piping for alternative means.Without slave labour the plantations of sugar and cotton could not have been as rapidly developed.
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