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sleeping/dining/buffet car

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsleeping/dining/buffet carsleeping/dining/buffet carTTRa train carriage used for sleeping, eating etc car
Examples from the Corpus
sleeping/dining/buffet carLuxury for first class travellers: a sleeping car attendant delivers hot water bottles on the London-to-Inverness Express, January 1935.He kept getting up and going to the window to look down on his sleeping car.Even on long journeys early trains had no corridors, lavatories, dining cars or heating.Every seat in the dining car filled up and still people were coming.I was watching the scene from the kitchen end of the dining car, standing just behind Emil, Cathy and Oliver.In the warm yellow light of the dining car windows I caught a glimpse of a woman raising a wine glass.The buffet car was up ahead; there was a young woman buying a drink and some sandwiches.The dining car had oak woodwork, potted palms and sumptuous meals.
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