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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsleepwalkersleep‧walk‧er /ˈsliːpˌwɔːkə $ -ˌwɒːkər/ noun [countable]  SLEEPsomeone who walks while they are sleeping
Examples from the Corpus
sleepwalkerShe looked stunned, almost like a sleepwalker.She smiled wanly at Corbett and, like a sleepwalker, rose and left him.Anna followed her like a sleepwalker, her arm limp in Liz's grasp.He moved like a sleepwalker, almost beyond fear, invoking Grimes' memory.Like a sleepwalker, she thought, and it occurred to her that she should step back inside and shake him awake.Most of us are like sleepwalkers here, because we notice so little.Presently the man-apes began to move forward, like sleepwalkers, toward the source of that compulsive sound.I walked like some sleepwalker as he showed me empty rooms and a steep, stone-vaulted cellar.
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