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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslenderslen‧der /ˈslendə $ -ər/ ●○○ adjective  1 THIN PERSONTHIN OBJECT OR MATERIALthin in an attractive or graceful way syn slim She is slender and stylish. Laura’s tall, slender figureslender legs/arms/fingers etcsee thesaurus at thin2 LITTLE/NOT MUCHsmall or very limited in amount or size syn slim The company only has a slender hope of survival. The Republicans won the election by a slender majority. We had to make the most of our rather slender resources.slenderness noun [uncountable]RegisterSlender sounds rather literary. In everyday English, people usually say slim or thin:I don’t know how she stays so slim.
Examples from the Corpus
slenderThe girl's body was curved and slender and my hands were straying to the ribbons on her bodice.Mandy was slender and very fair with long golden hair.Film stars and fashion models became more slender because their angles photographed better on screen and in magazines.The path led through the slender birch trees.Her slender body was untidily bundled up in a big leathery jacket and she was wearing long, shiny red boots.The pictures are held in place by three slender brass rods.She was beautiful, too: tall and slender, effortlessly and unselfconsciously elegant, even in her muddy farm clothes.She had long, slender expressive hands, like a concert pianist.The Democrats had only a slender majority in Congress.The tall, slender man and his goofy wife had been guests in the family compound.Clare could see more rusty chain around the slender, peeling, silver trunk of a nearby birch tree.The third quarter's slender profit was still an improvement on previous results.A spider was hanging from a slender thread.It has a slender torpedo-shaped body with slightly elongated finnage.slender white candlesGabriel was a tall slender young man with a light brown moustache.slender legs/arms/fingers etcShe ticks them off, one by one, on her long slender fingers.She wore a pale pink dress that swirled around slender legs and her hair was caught back with a matching headband.The long slender arms are flexible, unlike the starfish shown previously.She returned to the letter in her hand, turning it over in her slender fingers before opening it.Lissa's slender fingers curled into fists at her sides.His hands held her slender arms in a grip that hurt, and his mouth was only inches away from her own.Long, slender legs showed beneath the swirling pleats of a school skirt.Experts said its long, slender legs suggest it was a fast runner.
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