Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old French
Origin: esclice 'thin piece broken off', from esclicier 'to splinter'


1 noun
Related topics: Food
slice1 [countable]
1DF a thin flat piece of food cut from a larger piece
pizza slices
thin/thick slice
a thin slice of ham
Cut the tomatoes into slices.
2 a part or share of something
slice of
Everybody wants a slice of the profits.

fish slice

British EnglishDFU a kitchen tool used for lifting and serving pieces of food [= spatula American English]
4 a way of hitting the ball in sports such as tennis or golf, that makes the ball go to one side with a spinning movement, rather than straight ahead

a slice of life

a film, play, or book which shows life as it really is

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