2 verb
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1 [transitive] also slice upD to cut meat, bread, vegetables etc into thin flat pieces [↪ chop]:
Thinly slice the cucumbers.
Slice up the onions and add them to the meat.
sliced ham
2 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to cut something easily with one movement of a sharp knife or edge
slice into/through
The blade's so sharp it could slice through your finger.
slice something in two/half
Slice the eggs in two and arrange them on a serving dish.
3 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move quickly and easily through something such as water or air
slice through/into
The boat was slicing through the sparkling waves.
4 [transitive]DS to hit a ball, for example in tennis or golf, so that it spins sideways instead of moving straight forward:
With an open goal in front of him, Wiltord sliced his shot wide of the left post.

any way you slice it

American English spoken whatever way you choose to consider the situation:
It's the truth, any way you slice it.

slice something ↔ off

phrasal verb
1 to remove part of something by cutting it with one movement of a sharp knife or edge [= cut off]:
His knife had slipped and sliced off the top of his finger.
2 to reduce a cost or total by a particular amount quickly and easily
slice something off something
By using volunteers we were able to slice £10,000 off the cost of the project.
chop to cut vegetables, meat, or wood into pieces
to cut bread, vegetables, or meat into thin pieces
to cut vegetables into small pieces
to cut the outside part off an onion, apple etc
to cut cheese or vegetables into small pieces by rubbing them against a special tool
to cut pieces from a large piece of meat
to cut wood using a special tool called a saw
chop down
to cut down a tree, using an axe
to cut something quickly using scissors
to remove hair from your face or body
to remove small parts of something to make it look neat
to cut grass
to cut off the top part of plants, in order to make them grow better

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