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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslightlyslight‧ly /ˈslaɪtli/ ●●● S1 W2 adverb  1 LITTLE/NOT VERYa little a slightly different color a slightly more powerful engineslightly higher/lower/better/larger etc January’s sales were slightly better than average. He was someone I already knew slightly. a slightly tart flavor He leaned forward ever so slightly.2 slightly-built
Examples from the Corpus
slightlyHe stood for a moment, his body swaying slightly.However, another slightly amended Bill was soon prepared.Let the cookies cool slightly before removing them from the baking sheet.The temperature had risen slightly, but it was still very cold.a slightly different colorSean's car is a slightly different colour.She looked red-eyed and white-faced, slightly fearful and anxious.The right panel dangled from its upper hinge, swaying slightly, its rusted hinge producing a soft, musical squeak.Florida has a slightly larger population than Illinois.He was also seen on the same Monday slightly later standing at Crown Point, Martlesham.Lunch was slightly less raucous than the evening meal, but still enormously popular with the masses.In this tape, a partner demonstrates each pose in a slightly more advanced form.Lynn's daughter is only slightly older than mine.Some find the high degree of media hype that has surrounded publication slightly worrying.ever so slightlyMeg looked at us and smiled ever so slightly.The locals seemed to draw back, ever so slightly.I chose to overlook the edge of sarcasm, and I relaxed ever so slightly.She said it, and the others ever so slightly bristled behind her, as though daring me to deny it.Other governments have begun to shift their health care spending ever so slightly from remediation to prevention.Ken slumps ever so slightly in his seat.Her speech was ever so slightly slurred and her eyes seemed to swim in and out of focus.She moved the picture ever so slightly to the right.The action reversed a trend in which the two countries appeared to be edging ever so slightly toward increased cooperation.But he did get one thing ever so slightly wrong.
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