2 verb
slim2 past tense and past participle slimmed, present participle slimming
[intransitive] British English to make yourself thinner by eating less, taking a lot of exercise etc [↪ diet]
slimmer noun [countable]

slim down

phrasal verb
1 to reduce the size or number of something, or to become reduced in size or number
slim something ↔ down
The company is trying to slim down its workforce.
slim down to
The Cabinet has been slimmed down to 16 members.
2 to make your body thinner, or to become thinner, especially in order to be healthier or more attractive
slim something ↔ down
How can I slim down my hips?
slim down to
She slimmed down to a healthy 61 kilos.
slimmed-down adjective

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