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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslimyslim‧y /ˈslaɪmi/ adjective  1 SLIDEcovered with slime, or wet and slippery like slime slimy mud2 informalFRIENDLY# friendly in an unpleasant way that does not seem sincere – used to show disapproval a slimy politiciansliminess noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
slimyIt mildewed towels, made sleeping bags clammy, soaked the pressed bamboo of the cockpit floor so it was unpleasantly slimy.Their warty, slimy and sometimes scaly skins can be almost any colour.These hairy, slimy crawlers not only invaded fictional cities, they crept into the darker crevices of our minds.His oh-so-careful slimy grin that lashed out and maimed as much as a punch or a kick.What a slimy, horrible man.I start down the slimy path toward him.The had the usual slimy politician on TV talking about "the innate good sense of the voters".Suddenly I start puking into the road, but nothing comes up except this slimy stuff.These slimy teams play in New Jersey and call themselves New York.He sees romance, mystery and science in the 2,000 miles of rat-infested, slimy tunnels he has explored.
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