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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslinkyslink‧y /ˈslɪŋki/ adjective  1 TIGHTa slinky dress, skirt etc is smooth and tight and shows the shape of a woman’s body in a way that looks sexually attractive a slinky black dress2 slinky movements, music, or voices are slow in a way that is sexually attractive a song with slinky bass lines
Examples from the Corpus
slinkyNeither slinky dresses nor thigh-throttling jeans and undulating cleavage seem to arouse the slightest passion into those zombies on the terraces.Soon, society women were wearing slinky dresses that favored a more small-breasted, slender figure.However, for slinky evening wear, black, be it opaque or sheer, is still the right choice.I discarded my unfamiliar new slinky satin pyjamas for my familiar old sweater and jeans and headed for the nearest shops.But then, Bricken pairs the boxy jackets with skinny flat-front trousers or slinky silk shirts.This lovely pin stripe looks a lot sexier on our slinky slicker than stretched across some tycoon's big tum.
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