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slipstreamslip‧stream /ˈslɪpstriːm/ noun [singular]  TTCthe area of low air pressure just behind a vehicle that is moving quickly
Examples from the Corpus
slipstreamBy the time the tins had fallen that far, the wind and slipstream would have blown them all over the sky.But any rise in fuel prices carries a second issue in its slipstream.The riders' six-seater aircraft was turned upside down after being caught in the Tornado's slipstream.A lot of his films were unpretentious junk, but they made money and Nicholson and others came along in the slipstream.Throttle wide, he bowed into the slipstream.There's the slipstream to take into account.The slipstream built up to a scream, and despair drugged his actions.The slipstream whirled their hair about.
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