1 verb
slog1 past tense and past participle slogged, present participle slogging [intransitive] informal
1 to work hard at something without stopping, especially when the work is difficult, tiring, or boring:
Mother slogged all her life for us.
slog away
After a day slogging away at work, I need to relax.
slog through
You just have to sit down and slog through long lists of new vocabulary.
2 [always + adverb/preposition] to make a long hard journey somewhere, especially on foot:
He's been slogging round the streets delivering catalogues.
slog your way through/round etc something
He started to slog his way up the hill.

slog it out

British English to fight, compete, or argue about something until one side wins:
The teams will be slogging it out on Saturday.

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