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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsloppyslop‧py /ˈslɒpi $ ˈslɑːpi/ adjective  1 CARELESSnot done carefully or thoroughly syn careless sloppy work His written reports are incredibly sloppy.see thesaurus at careless2 LOOSEUNTIDYsloppy clothes are loose-fitting, untidy, or dirty Ann was dressed in a sloppy brown sweater.3 EMOTIONALexpressing feelings of love too strongly and in a silly way syn slushy The film is a sloppy romance.4 HARD#not solid enough sloppy jellysloppily adverbsloppiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sloppyAs a student, he was brilliant but sloppy.But he can be sloppy about detail.The first two Blackburn goals were very sloppy and I think Newsome was to blame.This application was very poorly written-and is typical of the sloppy applications submitted by your competitors.How can you expect an 'A' in this class when you turn in an essay as sloppy as this?Ben has very sloppy handwriting.a sloppy investigationThe carpenter I hired did such a sloppy job that I finally had to fix the roof myself.Remember that big sloppy jumper you knitted me when I was in the sixth form - that maroon one?He gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek.The company's failure was blamed on sloppy management.a sloppy old sweaterHe talked about sloppy packaging that could have contaminated evidence.It was sloppy practice, I told the crew.The text is disfigured by irritating errors and sloppy proofreading.As is clear from the above, Giddens's querying of Freud is more than a pedantic concentration on sloppy terminology.
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