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slow lane

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslow laneˈslow lane noun [countable]  1 the part of a large road where vehicles drive more slowly than the other vehicles on the roadfast lane2 in the slow lane
Examples from the Corpus
slow laneWould you expect him to poke along in the slow lane?As always since the Government came into power, we are in the slow lane.Old fogey that I am, after that I stayed in the slow lane, poking along at 80 or 90.She tried to concentrate on driving, she got the car into the slow lane and looked down at her stomach again.It accelerated and moved into the slow lane, as he passed.It was her decision to join me out here on the slow lane.It was time to ease back over to the slow lane, take another off-ramp, let the car cool.
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