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slow motion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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slow motionˌslow ˈmotion noun [uncountable]  AMFSLOWmovement on film or television shown at a slower speed than it really happenedin slow motion Let’s see that goal again in slow motion.
Examples from the Corpus
slow motionDo the postures in graceful slow motion with each exercise leading into the next.But Baryshnikov did it in slow motion.Everything seemed to proceed in slow motion.If you started at the top, it was like going down a toilet in slow motion.It almost looked like slow motion to me, him throwing that overhand right.It all seemed like slow motion, the way the boy fell and the bike swerved and skidded.in slow motionLet's see that spectacular touchdown again in slow motion.Marcie threw her arm around Tad's neck, but in slow motion, as if she were drunk.They show the most important parts of the game in slow motion.
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