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slowly but surely

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslowly but surelyslowly but surelyused to emphasize that a change is happening, although it is happening slowly We are slowly but surely gaining the support of the public. slowly
Examples from the Corpus
slowly but surelyShe's getting better, slowly but surely.But the others were moving, slowly but surely.Solid, rock like, you don't move easily and you take things slowly but surely.The tangible, material aspect of this will come slowly but surely in the period between now and early November.He's slowly but surely making his way through college.Wendy says that slowly but surely our name is taking hold in this wide area.Slowly but surely, the company is becoming successful again.Sheer tiredness relaxed her limbs, and slowly but surely the warmth sent her off to sleep.Yet slowly but surely they came back.As regards the growth of the church, about a year after beginning to meet, slowly but surely we began to grow.
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