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slug it out

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslug it outslug it outFIGHTif two people slug it out, they fight or compete until one of them has won slug
Examples from the Corpus
slug it outThe uniformed cops and a couple of detectives were watching their superiors slug it out.They lose a night's sleep slugging it out.These two sides would slug it out, and a practical solution would emerge somewhere between the two positions.They decided to go outside and slug it out but Swanson stopped them, saying they would draw too much attention.They hardly looked ready to slug it out in a Test series, but at least they had a victory under their belts.Two new novels about cavemen are slugging it out in bookstores.Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been slugging it out in the cola wars for years.He at least was ready to slug it out to the bitter end.
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