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small claims court

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small claims courtˌsmall ˈclaims court noun [countable]  SCTa court where people can make legal claims involving small amounts of money
Examples from the Corpus
small claims courtYou have nothing to lose by taking action in the small claims court.The recommendations were intended to ensure that the small claims court would be well used, especially by people without legal representation.And they took their case to the small claims court.Clarkson decided to go to the small claims court.
From Longman Business Dictionarysmall claims courtˌsmall ˈclaims court [countable]LAW a court where disagreements between private citizens involving small amounts of money are decided without the use of lawyersClaims of up to £1,000 can be made in the small claims court, but in larger, more unusual cases you’ll probably need a solicitor. court
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