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small intestine

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small intestineˌsmall inˈtestine noun [countable]  HBHthe long tube that food goes through after it has gone through your stomachlarge intestine
Examples from the Corpus
small intestineEndoderm is not, however, representative of small intestine of later developmental stages.In the rat small intestine, many drugs are acetylated and excreted into the lumen.Discussion Coeliac disease probably represents an aberrant immune response by antigen specific T cells of the small intestine to certain cereal peptides.As the wall of the small intestine comes into view, you notice that it looks furry.They reproduce rapidly, attach to the wall of the small intestine and stay there.Once the cysts reach the small intestine, trophozoites are released.The regulation of these factors is widely considered to be the way in which the small intestine adapts to nutritional demands.
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