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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmall-scaleˌsmall-ˈscale adjective  SMALLinvolving only a small number of things or a small area opp large-scale a small-scale study
Examples from the Corpus
small-scaleSince then the economic clamp-down has further cut back urban building projects, closed rural industries and increased restrictions on small-scale business.Data on breaches of the taboo in small-scale communities are sparse and largely considered as cases of individual deviance.But Smith envisaged a world of small-scale enterprise, which would be left alone by government and by monopolistic corporations.Marketing and distribution assistance is also needed, as are changes in existing regulations that hinder small-scale food processing.Instead, it can be argued that more attention should have been given to services and small-scale manufacturing.small-scale research projectsEven our die-hard Communist friends admit to the existence of small-scale scams under the old system.So there is more on internationalism, on e-business and on small-scale ventures.
From Longman Business Dictionarysmall-scaleˈsmall-scale adjective small in size or limited in degreesmall-scale enterprisessmall-scale industrial activities
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