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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmall-townˈsmall-town adjective [only before noun]  1 TOWNfrom, or relating to, a small town a small-town newspaper2 American English (also smallville /ˈsmɔːlvɪl $ ˈsmɒːl-/)INTERESTED# relating to ideas, qualities etc that people in small towns are supposed to have, which sometimes include a lack of interest in anything new or differentparochial small-town attitudes
Examples from the Corpus
small-townIn his elegant clothes, Wilfred could have passed easily for Bat Masterson instead of a small-town banker.Novelist Sinclair Lewis' Babbitt was the archetypal small-town booster.He wouldn't look twice at a small-town girl, even if she could design wedding dresses.Nor were they inconsequential gossip and rumor being whispered by small-town idlers on local street corners.Finally within the context of small-town morphology, we might briefly consider the question of the location of cemeteries.Such diversity is to be expected and may indicate different categories of settlement within the small-town range.They found, however, that this relationship only held up for workers in small-town settings.small-town values
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