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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmallholdersmall‧hold‧er /ˈsmɔːlˌhəʊldə $ ˈsmɒːlˌhoʊldər/ noun [countable] British English  someone who has a smallholding
Examples from the Corpus
smallholderThe former system could still be used by a smallholder on suitable land, the latter would be disastrous.At the other extreme were open villages where the land was divided among a large number of freeholders and smallholders.Social change, therefore, was unlikely to come from the top and the peasantry were badly educated and impoverished smallholders.Much as you might like to, no smallholder can escape the clerical and book-keeping side of the business.Irrigation projects provide water for large commercial farms, not smallholders.In the countryside of North Armagh the smallholder was dominant and most of the smallholders were handloom weavers.Possibly the most variable factor is you, the smallholder.
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