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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmallishsmall‧ish /ˈsmɔːlɪʃ $ ˈsmɒːl-/ adjective especially British English  SMALLfairly small She’s smallish with red hair.
Examples from the Corpus
smallishCarefully lift each piece of leaf or flower used in the design and apply a smallish amount of glue to its underside.East Eleventh and Twelfth Streets are spotted with smallish antique stores.Now, one year on, the group is a smallish but committed one with a full list of activities.The M3 coupe is a smallish car that's comfortable enough for four people.The studio is a smallish house built between the First and Second Wars, I would guess, though maybe earlier.But like so many of the smallish pieces commissioned today, this work doesn't take one on a journey.Theirs is, after all, a smallish society in international terms.This is a smallish town, Mr Calder.She draped herself in casual layers, a smallish woman half buried in pastels.
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