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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmartssmarts /smɑːts $ smɑːrts/ noun [uncountable] American English informal  intelligence If she had any smarts, she’d get rid of the guy.
Examples from the Corpus
smartsYou can almost feel Bob in Tuff Gong's mixture of business smarts with almost religious principles.Or to ensure blue eyes, long legs, good skin and Harvardbound smarts?Elena, for all her smarts as a seasoned reporter, is an innocent abroad.But since then, that has changed, as Burns impressed senators with her smarts, dedication and political savvy.Gretel: A little girl with her own smarts and a trust in her brother.He plays the mayor with great passion and political smarts.Cusack plays the mayor with passion and political smarts.In a city that prides itself on street smarts, some New Yorkers today are praying for a snow job.
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