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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmatteringsmat‧ter‧ing /ˈsmætərɪŋ/ noun [singular]  1 LITTLE/NOT MUCHa small number or amount of somethingsmattering of a smattering of applause2 have a smattering of something
Examples from the Corpus
smatteringA tactful environmental lobby, a sympathetic farmer and a smattering of goodwill on both sides may continue to produce encouraging results.One sees a smattering of them here and there on the otherwise white linen that is set before us.Yet there are still a smattering of pop ironists trickling sporadically, lip-first into the fray.There were about twenty of us, all told; mostly McHoans but with a smattering of civilians.Mike Tomkies responds to the golden eagle with a smattering of science, a touch of religion and quantities of romance.I heard smatterings of laughter, an occasional light conversational swell, but it sounded like most of the guests had departed.
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