1 noun
smell1 S2 W3
1 [countable] the quality that people and animals recognize by using their nose
smell of
The air was filled with the smell of flowers.
sweet/delicious smell
There's a delicious smell coming from the kitchen.
unpleasant/bad/acrid smell
the acrid smell of smoke
strong/pungent smell
a pungent smell of garlic
2 [countable] an unpleasant smell:
I think the smell's getting worse.
3 [uncountable] the ability to notice or recognize smells:
loss of taste and smell
Dogs have a very good sense of smell.
4 [countable usually singular] an act of smelling something:
Have a smell of this cheese; does it seem all right?
good smell: aroma, perfume, fragrance, scent

bad smell: stink, stench, odour British English/odor American English, whiff, pong British English

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