2 verb
smell2 S2 W3 past tense and past participle smelled especially American English or smelt British English

notice a smell

[transitive not in progressive] to notice or recognize a particular smell:
I can smell burning.
Can you smell something?

have a smell

[linking verb] to have a particular smell
smell adj
Mm! Something smells good!
smell like
It smells like rotten eggs.
smell of British English
My clothes smelt of smoke.
sweet-smelling/foul-smelling etc
sweet-smelling flowers

have a bad smell

[intransitive not in progressive] to have an unpleasant smell:
Your feet smell!
The room smelled to high heaven (=had a very bad smell).

put your nose near something

[transitive] to put your nose near something in order to discover what kind of smell it has [= sniff]:
She bent down and smelt the flowers.

have ability

[intransitive] to have the ability to notice and recognize smells:
I've got a cold and I can't smell.

smell trouble/danger etc

to feel that something is going to happen, especially something bad:
Miller had smelled trouble the moment she said who she was.

smell a rat

informal to guess that something wrong or dishonest is happening

smell wrong/fishy/odd etc

informal to seem dishonest or untrue:
The whole thing is beginning to smell fishy to me.

➔ come up/out smelling of roses

at rose1 (6)

smell somebody/something ↔ out

phrasal verb
1 to find something by smelling [= sniff out]:
They use dogs trained to smell out explosives.
2 informal to find or recognize something because you have a natural ability to do this [= sniff out]:
They'll be able to smell out any corruption.

You can say that something smells good, bad, strange etc.!! Use an adjective, never an adverb You smell wonderful (NOT wonderfully) - what perfume is that? In British English, you can use smell with of to say what something smells like Her jacket smelled of smoke (NOT smelled smoke). If you say that something or someone smells, you mean they have a bad smell Your socks smell. If you can smell something or you smell something, you notice its smell I can smell coffee. We smelled smoke.!! You do not say 'feel a smell'.

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