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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmellysmell‧y /ˈsmeli/ adjective (comparative smellier, superlative smelliest)  SMELLhaving a strong unpleasant smell syn stinky smelly feetsmelliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
smellyThe hut was dark and smelly.It may be necessary to pre-heat the burner in cool weather and the fumes can be smelly.How proudly she defined her eccentric self with every smelly bite she took and every word she said!Don't invite smelly boys from climbing clubs.Toilet roll, used, in small smelly brown-streaked sheets - both the hard kind and the soft kind.The lake was rapidly turning brown and smelly from the factory wastes.There was an absence of friends; but the animals with their smelly residues had not kept the friends away.Next came reddish-brown dry rot that turned quickly into smelly slime.Don't leave your smelly sneakers lying around the living room.smelly socksTake the apartment, up on the top floor of a smelly tenement on Prospect Avenue.It had never occurred to me how smelly the Bath Assembly Rooms probably were, for instance.
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