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smithsmith /smɪθ/ noun [countable]  TIBOsomeone who makes and repairs things made of iron syn blacksmith
Examples from the Corpus
smithWilliam Mounsher was appointed College secretary in succession to Huntingford on 1 July, when a smith was also appointed.It was customary to wear heavy iron or brass rings around their fingers, these being made by the mine smiths.Corey O'Brien, smithy smith smith smith.Without Samson's monumental strength, the smiths seemed to lose ground.Was the smith free to produce his own designs?The smith was invoking the part of the Elizabethan Poor Law which required the parish to assist the able-bodied to work.It was almost impossible to know which were coopers and carpenters and which smiths.
-smith-smith /smɪθ/ suffix [in nouns] XXa maker of something a gunsmith (=someone who makes guns) a wordsmith (=someone who works with words, for example a journalist)
Examples from the Corpus
-smitha silversmith
SmithSmith  a very common name in the UK and the US. There is a joke that it is used by people who do not want their real name to be known, especially in the past by people who were sharing a hotel room when they were not married They checked into the hotel as Mr and Mrs John Smith.
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