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smithysmith‧y /ˈsmɪði $ -θi, -ði/ noun (plural smithies) [countable]  TIa place where iron objects such as horseshoes were made and repaired in the past
Examples from the Corpus
smithySteers was granted the freedom of the borough of Liverpool in 1713 and established a flourishing anchor smithy near the dock.Corey O'Brien, smithy smith smith smith.Stretching out the distance between herself, the Old Market where Samson had his smithy, and all of yesterday.Farms often had their own smithies, as at Kindrochid.When she turned to go, she saw Carter emerging from the smithy.He was taking firewood and a large cauldron into the smithy that adjoined the cottage.Is the smithy aware of this eavesdropper?When the message came, he left the smithy and went quietly up to the castle.
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