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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmittensmitten1 /ˈsmɪtn/ verb  the past participle of smitesmittensmit‧ten2 adjective [not before noun]  1 LOVEsuddenly feeling that you love someone very much As soon as he saw her, he was smitten.smitten by/with She was totally smitten with Steve.2 smitten with/by something
Examples from the Corpus
smitten by/withWhen Robert was twelve and I seven, both my parents and Ann were smitten by a particularly virulent flu germ.The fact was, that from the first moment he saw her, Geoffrey was smitten by Deborah.She was smitten with Steve - and showed it.I, too, was smitten with summit fever though for less obviously religious reasons.He could well understand why his daughter was so smitten with the boy.That El Comandante was smitten by the First Lady was immediately apparent.The trees are splintered, crushed, and broken, as if smitten by thunderbolts.
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