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smocksmock /smɒk $ smɑːk/ noun [countable]  1 DCCa long loose shirt or a loose dress2 DCCa loose piece of clothing worn by artists or other workers to protect their other clothing
Examples from the Corpus
smockHe gave Margarett one of his monogrammed silk shirts to use as a smock.Inside, workers clad in blue smocks can turn out 6,000 handguns a day.Andrea was wearing a cheesecloth smock and agonizing over whether to eat a salt and vinegar crisp.Below her waist, the fabric of her smock filled with the black clots of her hemorrhage.Pleats create a weird-looking smock effect, appealing to the adventurous with a touch of fashion victim in them.She learned to sew and made maternity smocks he tried to admire.Dress: painting smock to keep clothes clean.an artist's smockThis archer wears a white smock over a grey uniform with distinguishing red ribbons and plume.
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