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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmokedsmoked /sməʊkt $ smoʊkt/ adjective   smoked salmon/bacon/sausage etc
Examples from the Corpus
smokedThere were crisp fresh rolls, smoked fish and swimming olives, two kinds of pate and chilled Sancerre.Teewurst has a rich and pronounced smoked flavour and is delicious on hot toast or crackers.There would be a table groaning with smoked ham, with thick succulent slices of cold beef and crusty fresh bread.Village wedding feasts may soon forsake smoked salmon canapés in favour of such things as Lincolnshire chine and Wiltshire porkies once again.The grill had mutton chops and mash; the buffet ran things like smoked salmon, potted shrimps and corned ox tongue.I asked Miss Matlock to bring me up a thermos of soup and a plate of smoked salmon sandwiches at six o'clock.A house speciality is the Royal Double Gloucester omelette filled with smoked salmon.Please note that Rockwell flashing units are suitable for all colours except white, clear or smoked tint.
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