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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmokersmok‧er /ˈsməʊkə $ ˈsmoʊkər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  SMOKEsomeone who smokes cigarettes, cigars etc opp non-smoker My grandad was a heavy smoker (=someone who smokes a lot). He had a smoker’s cough (=a cough caused by smoking cigarettes regularly).
Examples from the Corpus
smokerHis counterpart, Mr Eagleburger, is a smoker.The average smoker spends about £35 a week on cigarettes.The report said that disturbed children were more than twice as likely to become smokers as other youngsters.The cigarette ban will be most troublesome for smokers on long train journeys.For smokers and the very wealthy, the taxes would be higher.The survey shows that most smokers would like to stop smoking.She was certainly not an opium smoker.Interviews with Moon and other teenage smokers reveal they smoke for the same reason adults do: They enjoy it.We felt it was important that smokers limited the time they spend away from their desks.heavy smokerAnother effect of the job was that I'd become a heavy smoker.Mrs R. was a heavy smoker, and this was a fire hazard.At this age, heavy smokers have 10 to 15 times the rate of fatal heart attacks of nonsmokers.Cigarette smoking can double our risk of dying from a heart attack and heavy smokers are even more likely to die young.I remember both as heavy smokers.Occasionally, saturations of greater than 20 percent have been reported in heavy smokers. 402.Head and neck cancer affects about 500,000 people worldwide each year, mainly heavy smokers and drinkers.The children born to heavy smokers are on average 200 grams lighter than those who do not.
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