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smokestacksmoke‧stack /ˈsməʊkstæk $ ˈsmoʊk-/ noun [countable]  TITBBa tall chimney at a factory or on a ship
Examples from the Corpus
smokestackAway from the belching smokestacks of its industrial left bank, it is almost a handsome city.By 7: 30, the lights of the Edison smokestack in Oxnard were spotted.Another column dashed up her starboard side and carried off her smokestack.Nothing breaches the flatness except some kind of smokestack or cooling tower a couple of miles to the north.They always look back to the old smokestack industries.In the distance, a tall smokestack releases a curling black stream diagonally across the sky.Socialism is the smokestack creed, condemning its people to council houses and poor public services.The smokestacks from a power generating station rise over the horizon.
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