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smokysmok‧y /ˈsməʊki $ ˈsmoʊ-/ adjective  1 BURNfilled with smoke a smoky room2 BURNproducing too much smoke a smoky engine3 Chaving the taste, smell, or appearance of smoke smoky green eyes a smoky flavoursmokiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
smokyIt's real smoky and that.smoky baconHiding from the rain in a smoky bar we missed the twelve o'clock chiming of the Town Hall clock.One contained a gorgeous silky fabric in smoky cherry pink with thin gray stripes and a satiny backing.Mercedes and Luisa begin bringing in dinner: plates of rice, beans and crema, a smoky cream cheese.The smoky flavors of the grilled rabbit combine perfectly with the spicy peanut-chili dipping sauce.Now that the smoky fug had cleared a little, Marcus could smell the peculiar decay and soap combination coming from Gleeson.a smoky old diesel engineIt is a lotus of sixteen petals of a smoky purple hue, and its element is ether, space.Differs from marsh terns in winter by square white tail, smoky underwing and no sharply defined white shoulder.
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