Language: Old English
Origin: smoth


1 adjective
Related topics: Tastes
smooth1 W3 comparative smoother, superlative smoothest


a smooth surface has no rough parts, lumps, or holes, especially in a way that is pleasant and attractive to touch [≠ rough]:
Her skin felt smooth and cool.
a smooth pebble
The stone steps had been worn smooth.

happening without problems

happening or operating successfully, without any problems
smooth running/operation
Sarah is responsible for the smooth running of the sales department.
The new government has promised a smooth transition of power.

➔ go smoothly

at smoothly (2)


[only before noun] with no sudden movements or changes of direction, especially in a way that is graceful or comfortable:
Swing the tennis racquet in one smooth motion.
The jet made a smooth landing.
smooth flight/ride (=a comfortable trip in an airplane or car)
It wasn't a very smooth ride.


someone who is smooth is polite, confident, and relaxed, but is often not sincere:
a smooth salesmen
George is a smooth operator (=someone who does things in a smooth way).

liquid mixture

a liquid mixture that is smooth has no big pieces in it [≠ lumpy]:
Beat the eggs and flour until they are smooth.


a voice or music that is smooth is soft and pleasant to listen to:
smooth jazz
He has one of those silky smooth (=very smooth) voices.


CT a drink such as wine, coffee, whisky, or beer that is smooth is not bitter but tastes pleasant:
a smooth full-bodied wine
smoothness noun [uncountable]
the smoothness of his skin

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