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smorgasbordsmor‧gas‧bord /ˈsmɔːɡəsbɔːd $ ˈsmɔːrɡəsbɔːrd/ noun  1 a smorgasbord of something2 DF[countable, uncountable] a meal in which people serve themselves from a large number of different dishes syn buffet
Examples from the Corpus
smorgasbordThe highly publicized abortion debate overshadowed the rest of the platform that calls for a smorgasbord of constitutional amendments.Those families would then be bolstered with a smorgasbord of visiting psychotherapists, tutors, speech pathologists, social workers and others.The Channel crossing on Sally Lines was superb, with a magnificent smorgasbord breakfast.Any image, black-and-white or colour, was always worsted in this optical smorgasbord.Currently, a rich smorgasbord of overseas surfing is being heaped on the Net.The taut dialogue raises a squirming smorgasbord of questions about the potential for bedlam when our profound individual differences are ignored.The meeting promises a veritable smorgasbord of all things otherworldly, this time with a focus on those eerie Phoenix lights.
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