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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmugsmug /smʌɡ/ adjective  PROUDshowing too much satisfaction with your own cleverness or success – used to show disapproval syn self-satisfiedsmug about What are you looking so smug about?smug expression/look/face/smile etc ‘I knew I’d win, ’ she said with a smug smile.see thesaurus at proudsmugly adverbsmugness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
smugPeter Kemp's aim seems to be to make Wells sound smug.Frank patted his pocket and smiled, looking awfully smug.I felt very smug about not wasting paper.Lawson comes over as smug and arrogant, but in fact he's quite a decent man.Daley was almost smug as he watched King floundering.If you knew, which I'm sure you did judging from your smug expression, why didn't you tell me?a smug grinAnd Katie would give a smug little smile and then whisper about it half the night.His was the smug look of a man who knew he was in total control and liked it that way.Not to be a trifle smug, or anything.Of all the mechanisms which sustain him in that feeling of smug self-satisfaction with himself, the chief one is self-justifying.smug expression/look/face/smile etcHis was the smug look of a man who knew he was in total control and liked it that way.I close the window again with a smug smile on my face, and wait for the next battalion of eager buzzers.
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